Black Woman

by Nathaniel Booker

Black Woman, Black Woman
Please give me your hand,
Let me hold it close to my heart
May the rhythm of its beating
Soothe you, remove you, remove from you
All the pain you've ever known.
Black coffee, cinnamon tea, french vanilla 
Apple, peach and pear,
The shades of your skin, the taste of your lips,
The enticing scent of your hair.
You have many faces,some young and some older,
But ever you are a queen...
Dependable, reliable, never expendible...
I dedicate these words to you with pride.
I can't promise that you'll never suffer with me,
I can't say the I won't break your heart...
But my unwavering appreciation and love are
Now and forever yours.

Black woman, Black woman...
I love you;
For your mind, for it has been through your
Ideas and intelligence that our people have 
Evolved from tribe to society, but
The bond remains strong...

For your eyes as they hold me, 
A willing captive in the most beautiful
And inviting prison not made of stone and steel,
Your soul.

For your skin, firm yet soft, 
A man can forever get lost...
In the gentle curves of you, 
In the ample mounds of your intoxicating
In the warm, soothing grasp of your
Flower of Pleasure,
For the curve of your calves down to your 
Beautiful feet, each toe I will kiss
And caress to sift from you the stress
Of being mother, father, sister, teacher, preacher, 
lover, leader...Black Woman
Oh! how this Black Man adores everything
About you...Black Woman.

Forever with pride, I'll remain by your side
To shelter you from the rain,
Protect you from the storm,
Cool you when it's hot and when it's cold
Keep you warm.

Black Woman, Black Woman,
I make you this vow...
I'll love you with my very last 
Your heart is the treasure
That dimishes...never
And I'll be in love with you
Even in...


Black Woman by Nathaniel Booker

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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