The Eyes of the Abuser

by Nathaniel Booker

When is it that love is not enough?
When is it that a kiss just won't do?
And why is it the love that he very often professed
has transformed into hatred for you?
Why is it her best suddenly isn't enough?
Why do suddenly loathe her presence,
when all that she does is love you completely,
with her heart, her soul and her essence.
So you endure the slaps that have replaced all the kisses,
you endure the nightmare that has replaced all the wishes.
Your ankle’s been sprained, your wrist has been twisted,
when all you did was hugged him and said how much you missed him.
She wanted you to feel what you seem to have forgotten,
all she wanted was love but you treat her so rotten.
And now on your anniversary, the gift that you give her...
A blackened eye, a broken wrist and a kick to her liver.
She lies in intensive care, a heartbeat from death,
tubes down her throat and she labors for breath.
Love is what she gave but it wasn't returned,
a happily-ever-after that’s now crashed and burned.
He looks out at a world in which he'll never again live,
But only 5 years for manslaughter, that’s what the courts give.
He treated her bad, he hurt and abused her,
he extinguished her light because he chose to abuse her.
A marble headstone marks the spot where she lies,
her funeral was so sad, but that’s no surprise.
Her epithet read what has shaped my future,
“How many women have to die 
before domestic violence is considered abuse 
in the Eyes of the Abuser?”

The Eyes of the Abuser by Nathaniel Booker

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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