Who Cares?!

by B.T. Bonner

does anyone care
who lives and who dies
or how many politicians lie
about inhaling when they got high
does anyone really care
how many homeless people wander the streets
suffering from mental abuse
and if You knew
what would You do?
what would You say to someone
who has lost their child
in a police crossfire
or when someone elses daughter that You know
is getting pimped for hire
Does anyone care who got that city contract?
What about that restaurant
on the corner of 14th and Pontiac
that sells Cannolli's in the front
and crack out the back?
Does anyone care about that?
I wonder why it has never been inspected by the city
"They MUST have a license for that?"
Does anyone care about the
filthy a$$ train stations?
Or why fares increase with every sewer rat
that runs across your feet?
Does anyone care that we pray to GOD
and hope like He!! that he answers
before the rent is due?
"GOD, Do you hear me???.....
He aint listening today....SH!T!!!"
But then again.....who cares?
I know 2Pac cared, but does Michael Jordan?
You see,  no one wants to go there.
How's clean is the air up there?
Does Tiger Woods care....about anything???
I know Bill Gates cares
cause he puts his money where
his mouth is!
How about Cindy Crawford or Sylvester Stallone,
do they care?
How about Bill Cosby?
Sh!t NO!!! He cares about Spelman and tax-relief,
but does he care about Ghetto Grief?
Does anyone care if educators turn schools into sweatshops
or that little white boys shoot em up
wearing trench coats carrying glocks?
or that buildings fall from weak walls
just like children from project elevator stalls
And who is really manufacturing crack
and shipping that sh!t over here?
and who is allowing them to do it?
and what is their cut for turning their head?
What is Your cut for turning Yours?
But then again who cares
if Your neighbor
is getting her ass kicked by her baby's daddy
or when Your street corners fill with the same young boys
that You used to cuddle when they cried
that grew into the men that You dispise with dead eyes
Does anyone care how many condos go up
around the corner from the projects?
or how many of Your dollars the city spends
hiring two white folks to do a job
that can be done by one brotha
if they'd hire him
or hiring four brothas to do a job
that a sista could have done better
an hour ago
for less money
but  then again
who cares?!

Who Cares?! by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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