We Forgot to Remember (When We Were Kings and Queens)

by B.T. Bonner

do you see what you have done to me AmeriKa
taking me from my home land
confused me about God's plan
rearranged my culture, my history, my thoughts
you sh!t on my hopes and dreams
but you forgot to tell me about the Black Kings and Queens
you disreguard the Middle Passage
just like a plea for Reperations
considered my Father 1/3 a man
and dog fucked my Mothers, Mothers, Mother 
on the floor of a filthy azz plantation
you broke up happy homes
families that loved just like you love
broke the backs of my ancestors 
and left them soaked in a trail of their own blood
and tears
with a made in AmeriKan version of hate and fear
yet you still dont think you ole us anything
oh yeah, 
and you also forgot to tell us about Black Kings and Queens
do you see now AmeriKa
why we walk proud waving a black fist and party every chance we get?
cause we are the product of your ignorance
now you all want to get along
cause you realize that black votes 
just might move you closer to the oval throne
you pass out fruit baskets around the holidays
spend an hour in a soup kitchen 
with a swollen heart and an outstretched hand  
maybe pat the heads of a couple of Afrikans
kids like pets
but less we forget 
the four little girls just trying got get to school?
what was that you said about the Golden Rule?
you think we some kinda fools?  
and maybe we are cause my grandmother
sat in church and spoke in tongues not tribal
while society made her libal for the Constitution
and a lifelong pursuit 
of the AmeriKan Dream
fed her stories so on the Bible she would lean  
because of all of the shit that she seen
yet you forgot to tell her about Black Kings and Queens?
let us pray
Lord we come to you an angry and confused people
needing answers like blessings that fall from the sky
like angels that are supposed to fly
down and wipe away the tears of my people
but we are still crying.....
let us pray less 
cause we been praying to you for 400 years
while slavery turned to target practice
and our prayers fall from the sky
and land face down in Eurocentric filth
and all we feel is rage
like animals trapped inside of a huge cage
built to house an entire diaspora of slaves
and graves we dig like worms
to stick our people back in the ground
after AmeriKa has worked our bodies half to death
and stolen our minds
and our will
and our hope
and our dreams
all because we forgot to remember 
that we were once Black Kings and Queens! 

We Forgot to Remember (When We Were Kings and Queens) by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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