What A Waste!

by RadiKalSon & RadiKalSistah

My Black People are so Un-hip
we blame everyone else for our slip
why are we so mad about the War on Crack
We may not have shipped it here
but We damn sure let it attack
let it invade our communities and soak into our skin
now it is part of our Melanin
We allow government to Kontrol our lives
continuously pillage, and terrorize
rape our women right in front of our eyes
and cut each other down to size
we have been blinded and castrated
from all of the shit that they've created!!
No wonder we walk the streets inundated!
On our knees dying to catch a spoiled taste
on the face from the shit the Man Masturbates!
What a waste!

What a waste of time
of a wasted mind
You heard the warnings but did not adhere to the signs
My race is so Un-Hip
Many of us left our courage on the ship
that the master-baited
Mental adultery X- libeRATED
Intellectually insane
Branded by someone else's name
Even now the chains still dangle around our throats
riding on hope that they'll release the ropes
lassoed tightly around the necks of kin
guarded by rifle toting Christians selling sin
Got us running for the borders like some Mexicans
Am I my brother's keeper? Not when they're behaving like this
How can I be your back-bone when you're spineless
Refusing to free your mind
while killing our people with un-kindness?
What A Waste!

What A Waste! by RadiKalSon & RadiKalSistah

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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