Unnatural Selection

by B.T. Bonner

*Free Love Generation* the black seeds were spread
that hit brothers like Aw-Nugit to the head
scars of black track stars
wearing arm badges of shame
while killing black pride membrane by membrane

Corrupt Congress,
and chemical welfare with no Geneva Convention
to counter the intelligence of Nixon's Nicaraguan Invention
this root infestation
or new system-addict plantation
instantly gratifying
while PRO's plottin' and chemical tracking
black folks were fallin' in love with the reaction
cooking up a $10 temporary reprieve
with a permanent deposition thru drug fruitition
which left our black power base in a fetal position
and our minds in remission
not cancer but Assimilation-ism
that's right ASS-HIM-I-MENTION-HIM!!!
W.E.B's Formula for Education Theory
that won't ride with me
because his Ass-ended belief causes me grief
that my mind can't conceive
a mental deception before my time
of educating only 10% of black minds
to pave the way for the rest of our kind?
Are you blind or just left behind
Brother of the spoken word
here's a new black proverb I heard
If you teach a man to swim he may make it back
try teachin' him how to construct a boat
and he'll float above the pack....Jack!

Phase II
Hereditary Circumstance and lack of intervention
producing grown up weeds from the above mentioned
Adult Crack Babies,
Welfare Checks and
Genetic Fallout Effects of Crack's Classical Condition
creating a newly formed systematic black lynching
Dope Dealing kids line up one after another
cause their clients are their older brothers, sisters, and mothers
redistributing the wealth back to the COINTELPRO
that distributed it to your father years ago
finance game with no results
everybody wants to help themselves out
Crack-heads are the business
ignorance is the sin
that you inherited down from your brethren
Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!!!
Take it and run
cause you think your getting over
Are You Still Having Fun?
but while you're  killing black minds for a sale
the Governors' warmin' up his chair
your ASS is the meat and the jail is the oven
how to roast Black **Per Stirpes* is the new topic of discussion
'Three Strike - Fuck Philosophy'
was their next attack
'Give em' a strike, then takin' it Back'
Ingenious Pacifist Injunction
Three step program with intent to dysfunction
So now we have Niggers steady going' inside
Stripped of all of their juice
and no longer able to reproduce
Damn, Darwin's Theory was true!!!
because they are no longer of use
Screaming Nigger this and Nigger that
Where all my Nigger's at?
Cause I don't see no role models left to bat
Our children are sold out like ghetto hope
watching their black people strung out on dope
without a rope and bound by fate
to follow the only Role Models left to emulate
the Media's TV Bastard Race
screaming' 'Bout it, Bout it' on video and taking blunts to their face
I hope you choke on the taste
because that potent pain reliever can not replace
the Extermination of the Black Race!!!

* COINTELPRO - FBI's Counterintelligence Program approved by Nixon, designed
to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize" groups he
called "black nationalist, hate type organizations.

* Per Stirpes - Legal term   PER STIRPES - Lat. Term used to designate a
system of inheritance under which children take among
them the share which their parent would have taken had he survived the
decedent. Thus the children are said to claim their shares by representing
their parent.

Unnatural Selection by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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