Trip to the Corner Store

(Inspired by Chester Himes)

by B.T. Bonner

my trip to the Corner Store
was detoured
by heavy jazz
and thick cigarette smoke
leading me into and through
one of life's remaining pleasures
charmed to a tune
held by the angrily passionate
melodismic sway of Nina Simone
whispering a slow scat into my left ear
while her screams
were still echoing into my right
both telling me to "Go to Hell"..
I knew she was a double shot of trouble
with a drama spiked chaser at first glance
I saw it in the elevation of her stance
and her heightened skirt screaming romance
her lips curled around a flamed square
and the shoulder length fall of her dark hair
I was a Snake Charmer
trying to crawl deep inside of the mind
hiding behind those pretty green eyes
As trashy talk rolled from her red lips
stopping in mid air
only to land somewhere between my legs
I tried to catch each vowel
before they castrated me
I wanted to taste her fruit
until I guessed the flavor
to this day I can't remember
but I can still savor
what brought me to this place
I went there searching for something
that I didn't already have
waiting for me at home
in pink nappy hair rollers
held down by a thick Black scarf
and a rap full of four letter words she used
while screaming high-pitched blues
stuck on fast forward
then rewound and replayed in my ear
not to mention a pair of thighs thicker
than the ones she wore just last year
while caught up in the Rapture of her new Love
of ice cream, candy, and beer
I went there searching for something
that she could no longer provide
a reality filled with
Intrigue instead of Fatigue
and Mystery instead of Misery
And by the way*"She no longer made my toes curl"
As soon as she spoke her first line
I knew that this woman's scheme and rhyme
were just as strong as mine
and that our intentions would soon intertwine
so we fled back to a quiet corner
and I let Nina's hands dance a nasty gig
underneath the table
in between zippers
that We used to unzip
while sipping Cognac
toasting to broken vows
and watching my marriage wave goodbye
through the forest of her green eyes

Trip to the Corner Store by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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