Sum of All Parts

by B.T. Bonner

I wipe my eyes and refocus
because I cant believe that you are real
sweet like caramel melted down
dark brown 
mahogany bliss in every kiss
I cherish each one
hold them up to the sun
Hershey colored eyes 
I taste your stare
and still cant believe that you are real
realer to me yesterday
and today still I see forever moving
too fast for words
so I hold back, sit back, lay back
and pray to the most high
for a new tomorrow to bring to me 
more blessings than before
more woman than cancerous carnivores
that take and leave and deceive hearts
with empty spaces where their hearts once lived
too selfish to really give to anyone 
but the light skinned curly haired light eyed loveless Jones's
that don't return your calls
but have fancy cars sitting on white walls
that's how I know you are true to life ALLLL woman real
cause you can see past Mr. So Called Big Deal
and your heart you freely give without pause
and I respect that more than words
never disrespect you with foul verbs  
especially when you show me instead of just selling me
telling me that Imp the rise in your sun
the E to your We
so together we can make history
maybe one day even life together
so even the cloudiest days turn fair weather
was that the definition of forever?  
your touch sends me on a journey through my soul
takes me a place where rainbows shine bright
and the sound of laughter can be heard in the distant clear
so far
so far
we fly
like over hilltops for you I try 
and we let our eyes meet somewhere in the middle
and we dive and fall together
into a  pool of dreams 
its a new reality so it seems 
even when I am at my worst
you still see the good in my heart 
and the love I have to give
even when we walk a thin line
you still define the difference between fake and real
its whets left in my heart for you I feel 
and to me you gladly give
to do with as I will 
so my old soul I empty out
and take you into my heart 
and together we become the sum of all parts 

Sum of All Parts by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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