The Souls Ascension

by PoetiCCessence & RadiKalSon

Limitations set at birth
Restrained by a metal girth
A lifetime of proving my worth
Battled the weather and endured the storms
Reveled through the pain
And rebelled against the norms
Never once did I conform
I am the mold from which America was made
Bene(dicked) Arnold for making me a slave
Now eat from the strange fruit
And from it's juice drown in your graves
I shall no longer live in retrogression
Make room for my soul's ascension
Your days are numbered
And so are your bloody confessions...

My Soul still gets high
when I think about "AmeriKas Greatest Lie"
Upon contact those words sting my eyes
as I take flight, destined for clearer skies
I rise, above your mental whips and chains
that remain bound to your unconscious brains
You stand before me claiming to be sane
after the sins you've committed?
after the pain you've inflicted ?
I stand in judgement, there is no repentance
for the lives you stole, they weren't given
Now your soul must face final transition
and walk through Hells Door, free admission !!

The Souls Ascension by PoetiCCessence & RadiKalSon

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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