Court is in Session

by B.T. Bonner and Trina Williams-Emigh

Here ye!
Here ye!
Court is in session
The honorable judge Trina is speaking
And it's time for a confession
From the powers that be
And I'm sure everyone in here will agree
You see pay back is a mother
So I've been told
And the time has come to pay up
For all the slaves you sold
Every dream you've dashed
And all the hopes you've smashed
Despite the lips you seal
We're still aware of all the ideas you steal
The morals you forfeit
And the endless crimes you commit
It's clear to me, that it's time to pay up
For the charges against you have compounded
And though I know you feel they are unfounded
I've got a time bomb ticking loudly, called proof
And it's about to blow off the mother fuckin roof
So pay up!
Pay up!
For these charges will not be dropped
Because I know
And you know
You haven't yet stopped

 After a brief recess we shall proceed
 to uncover the truth where it lives and breathes
 the people call the President to the stand
 Raise your blood stained hands
 and answer to the charges against Africans
 do you swear to tell the truth about
 the government flooding our streets nonstop
 with drugs from the government crop?
 Modern-Day Slavery?
 What about sweat shops
 and preferential treatment to corrupt cops?
 When will your lies stop?
 You are held in CONTEMPT!!!!
 and your fate shall be judged
 in the same fashion as your tainted blood
 that infects everything you touch
 destroys the lives of those who gave you trust
 now Payback is a must
 cause 40 acres is not nearly enough
 to compensate for your greed and lust
 Never again will we trust!
 and your appeal has run out
 so choke on that "last meal" you were fed
 and hang by the neck till you be

Court is in Session by B.T. Bonner & Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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