by B.T. Bonner

Riddle me
with your pathetic little cries
and tell me all of your
envious white lies
transparent youth trapped inside
of a soul waiting to die
and instead of getting to the root
you'd rather run and hide
reaching out for helping hands
saying that is what you need
only to drag others down
with your jealousy and greed
I think some good advice
is what you really heed
hoping that better places
can change the mug on your 40 faces
you claim to stand and uplift your race
when on your knees is your true place
a transparent disgrace
living by a code
that you can't even claim
your life is in shambles
your story, a shame
and all that remains
are empty pages and ink stains
you did it to yourself
so your shit is to blame
and you can't potty train yourself
because you are untamed
you look to the sky for answers
and always questioning why
when a mirror tells your story
"eye for an eye"
diseased and abused from a bitter birth
instead of counting your blessings
you treat yourself like dirt
crawling through life
playing twleve year old games
and the friends you call your own
with suffer the same
you can't love God
and sleep in the devil's bed
and you can't even rest because
demons sleep in your head
there is nothing more pathetic
to start where you begin
only to make the same mistakes
and suffer all over again

Sabotage by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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