Just One Touch

A Few Spoken Words

by B.T. Bonner

If I can wake up with Just One Touch
this life would mean so much...

Just One Touch
reminding me of springtime
when the birds sing love songs
and the sun paints a Picasso across the sky

Your hands pressed against mine
reminding me that I'm still alive
breathing the same air you breathe
your gentle breeze
it takes hold of me
and carries me off into something....
something like September....

Just One Touch
like brown sugar sifting through me
and chocolate-filled kisses caressing my skin
(I'll ask you to do it again)
right there...
     right there....
          ooh yeah.... right there....

Just One Touch
is like a gospel hymn
singing praise in my ears
on a Sunday morning
introducing me to the sun
raising my spirit to Earth
and my hands to the sky
to rejoice life
but no its not God
its your gentle touch
I'll hold it so dear
cherish until your next touch comes
and makes the first disappear

Just One Touch
is like
Heat, Passion, and Love
all rolled into one
and I sweat you out in heavy beads
I feel this deep down
and I pray it never leaves
but lives and dies inside of me
I'll make it last for always till forever
two hearts coming together
and bathing to a slow jam
with the curtains pulled and the shades drawn
you can be my queen
I'll be your pawn
and together we'll make a little king
or a flower
love blossoming from the seeds we plant
in fruitful fields we rake together
I cant wait
and I don't take chances
cause love is too frgile to play with
How can it be anything but?
with hearts involved
and time too precious to waste
on other touches with dirty hands
and minds too funky
with negativity....cruelty....insecurity
so don't take chances
lets pray for together
make nights we share soft
and days apart heart felt
and tomorrow lets just be.....

Just One Touch
so that life can begin
and if you touch me again my life can end
just one touch
to moves me across oceans of sane
Just One Touch
to move me to a crazy calm on a balmy day
Just One Touch to cleanse my body
wash the pain away
Just One Touch
lives deep in me and I need it
Just One Touch
before the sun goes down
and Just One Touch to rise again
Just One Touch
to cry
to feel
to live
to Love
to understand love
to understand me and we and I and us
to joy and pain
and sorrow
and rain
and together begins
with Just One Touch
and this life would mean so much.

Just One Touch by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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