An Ode to Nerissia (LNCB)

by B.T. Bonner

When you feel burdened
let me be your relief
when your morning stress overflows into the afternoon
let me be the warm bath that puts you to sleep in the evening
When the coldness outside freezes the tips of your fingers
   and keep you from reaching out
let me hold your hands in mine until they are warm
When you need to talk
let me be the one to take you by the hand
sit you down
and listen until you run out of breathe
I promise that I wont judge!!!
When you need a hug
let me wrap my arms around you
and squeeze away your worries
no matter how long it takes
I'll hold on even when my arms are tired
When strangers come knocking at your door
let me be the Pitbull that chases them away
If you are in Jail, I want to be thrown in the next cell
We can look into each others eyes with the small mirrors
and stretch our arms out to hold hands
If I can feel your touch
I know that we will be ok
Let me bathe you
   Rinse you
       Touch you
          Love you
inside of our own special place
cut off from the rest of the world
Our World!!!
 filled with fresh scent of candles
the soft baritone of Will Downing
and the Quiet Thunder of children in the next room
pretending to be asleep
Let me be the light in your eyes
The squeal in your laughter
The Love in your heart
If tomorrow comes and you find yourself lost
Let me be the one you call
I'll find you and lead you home
Just think of me
and I will be right next to you
Cry for me
and I will be there with Kleenex in hand
to wipe away your tears
Never forget that although I lead
you are my Queen
and your wish is my command!
Let me sweep you off your feet
so that they never touch the soiled ground
Let me empty the trash in your life
so that both your heart and mind are clean
Let me turn the pages of your favorite book
or better yet to you when your eyes are tired
Let me pull a blanket over you while you are at rest
or better yet
turn up your body heat so that you wont need it!
Can I Love you today?
If not, can I ask you again tomorrow?
Can I make Love to you like the nastiest winter storm
I'll still respect your virtue
for you are my Queen
If I fail to satisfy you
Can I try again until I get it right?
Until you fall asleep tired as hell
exhausted in your own stillness
soaked in a layer of passion
dripping from your body?
Can I be your Sunshine
     Can I be your Rain?
         Can I be your Tomorrow?
Can I be your Everything?

An Ode to Nerissia (LNCB) by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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