by B.T. Bonner

Riding the subway I saw a brotha on the platform
in his long ass trench coat, I know he was warm
As the doors opened and people began to spread
he hustled for a seat like only a brotha can
I stood over him and watched as he read the evening blues
all into that shit like he was amused
when an elderly sista stood next to me with grocery bags and a purse
from that point I knew sh!t would get worse
I studied the way the brotha turned his head
as if to say,"Hell no you aint getting my seat, too bad!!"
I stood there in silence until words began to emit
slipping from my lips before I could catch that sh!t
Before I know it the brotha got bent
talking about paying his fare and anywhere he could sit
I tried to maintain as I told the brother please
this woman deserves respect from you and from me
I could see in his eyes that my words through him did pass
then I really got to riding on his a$$
Realize BrothaYourFakeAssWannaBeKorporateVail
gonna get a one way ticket Hell
and if you dont rise up I may even end up in jail
although I dont believe in black-on-black crime
I could see that this man was no brotha of mine
before my eyes he went from light skinned to pale
and I just stood amazed like, "What the Hell"
white ooze began to emit from his pores
and I couldn't help but to look some more
I watched as his curly hair got straight
and his eyes burned blue as the clearest lake
the lady looked over at me obviously in disbelief
then said brother relax as she continued to speak
leave this man alone for you don't know his grief
he aint your brother although you both look the same color
he hasn't been black for a long time you see
so he needs that seat more than me
when them devils come home to roost
and they cast out all but their own
this poor man will have to run back home
lost without a family to call his own
he will never know love and pride, only pain
cause Hell is the only place for a WannabeWhiteMan!!!

Negrophobia by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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