Ms. Amerika

by RadiKalSon

It was a dream cast out of pain
Like hardship gone insane 
A dream full of color
A bounty between brothers
Promises of a better life to be fulfilled
But he forgot what she did to Emmett Till

He prayed and marched and gave and sought
A new world without flawed color lines
Christian words dropped like land mines
A sworn vengeance brought into the light
Exposing the hoods that they wore at night
He received death threats to murder and kill  
Yeah he knew Ms. AmeriKa was starting to feel
But he forgot what she did to Emmett Till

His dream spoke of peace, love, and mankind
He was a messenger ahead of his time   
Exposing her weakness and her crime
He was the wrinkle in her flawless design
He didn't do it for her money
Could care less about her fame
That's why Ms. AmeriKa blew out his brains

And when the whole world went insane 
Ms. AmeriKa laughed and sang
Rejoicing in our loss
She even played 12 holes of golf
Why were you so afraid Ms. AmeriKa?
It was only a dream
Thousands lined up to battle
And he was a one-man team

He didn't fight
Or Curse,
Or Yell,
		Or Scream,
Cause Ms. AmeriKa was used to that sort of thing
He only wanted that which was prophesized
He knew that it was time for his people to RISE

We've all seen the rise of many great black men
And the insecure bitches that pull them down again
So before you live for her money
And fall in love with her thrills

Ms. Amerika by RadiKalSon

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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