by Tracy Mckever & B.T. Bonner

React to this madness
my brother and sista again
should be all out hate marches
and notifying next of KKK-Kin
relying on "We Shall Overcome" strategy!
Conforming to Racist Policy!
Those Devil's needs?
Fuck that, take away their right to breathe
the blood they shed
with hate and turmoil
can not be combated with a negro spiritual
cause these words can only cut so deep
so partner, lets get the wind beneath our feet
screamin' and yellin' war cries,
No Defeat, No Surrender
till we all can walk without falling victim
since our country condones the will of them Supremists Vic's
time to have our own piK-A-NiK
Hunting for pink noses and swastika's
and by the way,  World Church
there's only one Creator
and he doesn't live in SupremistWhiteTrashAmeriKa

Do you hear the roar of the Black Panther?
Drowning out the sound of the oppressor's laughter?
We're setting torches to those teeth
and making cowardly foot-soldiers retreat.
Avenging deaths
Asphyxiating breaths
Exterminating all cockroaches left.
Giving my life for this plight
Strengthening our sprites
to endure the fight.
Singing 'Birdsong' with a sweeter melody.
Overcoming by using a different strategy.
We are unlocking all chains.
Placing faces with all names.
Making out a hit list
for all the Nathaniel Smiths
that travel from town to town
in search of minorities to gun down.
We're flipping the script
On all you redneck racist.
The stockkk market will crash
And there will be a blood bath
To quench the stench of rotting trash!!!


KKKonvicted by Tracy Mckever & B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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