Tied to Enough Hypocrisy

by B.T. Bonner

Khristianity's Hypocrisy is all around me
pressed into the seams of my European jeans
when I turn to the East truth becomes so clear
amidst the lies that I have been force fed for years
Can we forget about the hand raising for a moment
and let the dust settle on the church pews
long enough to study His=Story's issues?
WHAt about the "unclean Jews"
and Hitler's race cleansing views?
was that about me and you
or was that a Khristian issue?
We read and regurgitate
The good Book
       Evil !!!!!!!
In a thousand languages lies stain the page
reprinted, reinvented, and rephrased
like the mad scientist Yacub gone psycho
Should we Recycle?
Can we end the madness by turning the page?
Can we wake up from our Daze?
The Slaves already slept for 400+ years
whipped and tortured in chains
while clutching this book praying for change
WHy were we so passive during the SLavery mess?
WHy couldn't we protest?
WHy couldn't we fight or die?
Were we too busy looking for our Salvation in blue skies?
while the true Devil was right before us with Blue eyes!

"In his arrogance the wicked man hunts down the weak,
who are caught in the schemes he devises."
-- James King
The "Good" Book

Tied to Enough Hypocrisy by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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