Last Days of the Ghetto Geechy

by B.T. Bonner

Everybody, look and stare
at that ghetto geechy over there
sharp as a tack and dressed to kill
flexing his will as strong as steel
confident with intellect
but also blind in retrospect

see that's the one that walks past his brother man
and denies him just respect cause he think he can
seen that shit it time and time again
walking around with his designer smells
uncle tom'n his way straight to hell

not a quarter to spare on a block club party
but living fenced off
and can't hardly speak to nobody
his success is measured in nickels and dimes
so he'll pay for those crimes 15 times

not a brown penny to put back in his black community
but living wealthy in poverty so that everyone can see
matter fact you're worse than the night sticks I fear
you're the reason affirmative action programs disappear
why our childrens faces are riddled in shame and tears
why black progress has been stifled for years

I don't like you......
You're one of the ones we could use, ones we need
to teach your brothers about this game of greed
you could educate them on a better way
greater later, through progress today

No more playing them instants all day
we could play this card game to win
spading our brothers again and again
helping build a firm structure to hold up our ghetto walls
get ourselves together to help our own

No more el-train monopoly car ridin' for us
we'd carpool to work and return at dusk
is it fear that keeps you from helping out
or is it those high-sudity words crawling out of your  mouth
your mentality keep you down much lower than me
that same brother that passed you on the street
remember, when you didn't bother to speak
my brother

you see, I own that wealth you seek
a sense of black pride and unity
these gifts your Benz can't drive you to
this wealth your Cash can't find a use
Black man, Black Sun trying to shine
through the white clouds of our times
get out of our way, your time has passed
cause the day of the Ghetto Geechy is dead.

Last Days of the Ghetto Geechy by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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