by B.T. Bonner

On our children's backs
the sins of the world must fall
like bricks one after another
the black family stands small
without the passage of knowledge
of their Most High
Jinn of Darkness
the spooky faggot spreads lies
a myth of graphic proportion
effecting the weakest link
genetically flawed
and blinded by DOG's stink
GOD's plan in reverse
misplaced at birth
without the passing of Wisdom
minds rot in Gomer's bile
year after year
mile after mile
walking like the Dead
dropping our heads
hands clasped together
singing free at last
in a symbolic ritual from the past
on the Caucus Mountaintop
waving for Christ to have mass
in a church we call AmeriKa
the be-full-of-it-land of the indignant underclass
uncivilized arithmetic, mathematically challenged, savage souls
that Moses couldnt even mold
never resting in peace
while trapped in the belly of the beast
for 6000 more years at least
waiting for a New World
of made to order Salvation
while walking on all fours
in a circular formation
wagging tails reclaiming nothing
not even your own history
without the rite of passage
its a 360 degree axis called futility
play it out loud, in slow mo
supplying mental freedom
so that Oz continues to grow
until its mass becomes surreal
pumping knowledge hard as steel
through the mind of the first born
with woolly hair and skin of bronze
not a crown of thorns and horns
Who's revelation is really at stake?
or is it all just the ego of an confused albino child
that feels shortchanged of his fate
so his albinism he hates
he suffers and dies a mis-create
never given a change to procreate
super truths starting to heat up
your Id and your Ego
and your third eye so blurry
you cant even see me though
search for words of knowledge
proof not just theory
wipe clean savage thoughts
that keep reappearing
distractions that you keep hearing
5% of the true knowledge you keep fearing
your brother chucking while you keep spearing
for rap videos hoes we keep cheering
behind dark corners our minds keep leering
a page from the book of knowledge,  keep tearing
a page from the book of knowledge,  keep tearing
a page from the book of knowledge,  keep tearing

Extinction by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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