Don't Call Me Nigger

by B.T. Bonner

Don't call me Nigger
for lack of a dirtier name
cause I see the true Nigger lurking
in the deepest depths of Nigger shame
It does not matter your color
because Nigger applies to folks Black and white
and don't think that because I have love for my people
that for my true name I won't fight
I have spent far too much time
playing all the Nigger games
and have had to fight back Nigger's urges
and refer to you by another name
Id say Black Man...
                    Brother Man...
                          Sister, Sister...Please
to keep from reducing you to what your mind already believes

The Nigger is trapped down inside of the words you pitch
but I don't throw them back out at you
I see it every time you shuffle down the street
sporting your new Air Jordan Horseshoes on your feet
more than $150 is the true price that you paid
because that was the moment your slave mind was made
trapped like a man-made Nigger animal
inside of a man-made Nigger cage
with a sign out front that reads "Welcome ALL Niggers and SlaVes"

and you enter and take a seat...

still waiting to be sold but you are not a Slave
still waiting to be told that you are not a Slave
still waiting to be told what you are not
instead of fully accepting all of that which you ARE
and YOU are "All Of That" my brothers and sisters
and I'm sure that you know what I mean

I don't call you poor Nigger
When I see you slumming up and down the streets
wearing green cat-eye contacts, animal hair
and shiny gold teeth
the same animals the madman Yacub bred in caves
they were the true Niggers by Invention
and although you were Kings and Queens
you insist on acting the Nigger by Definition
I don't call you a man-made Nigger
even though you don't care
what you shoot into your veins
and stuff up in your noses
or because you forgot that your people
have been whipped and tortured with hoses
or because you never took the time to learn your history
and stuck to His-Story by co-signing
every one of AmeriKa's dirty lies with a nod of the head
while holding open doors for a quarter and expecting to be fed

Mr. Bogangles danced because he had to keep his feet movin'
but you shuffle because you don't know where you going
and I still don't call you lost Nigger
although you have no direction
I respect the Black Kings and Queens
that are trapped inside the Nigger
begging to come out
and separate the mind from the mentality
begging to slay the Nigger beast
and burn down his throne
so Don't Call Me Nigger anymore
because my Nigger is dead and gone

Don't Call Me Nigger by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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