Dead President

by Tracy Mckever & B.T. Bonner

Excuse me hu-man, wo-man, and black-man
What is your plan?
Do you have A plan? What will your plan B?
Explain to me your strategy.
Who will profess-eyes the legacy?
We've been whipped, kicked and tricked
It's a fine time for restitution isn't it?
Tell that man he can keep that shit
I don't care how much they torture, terrorize or tease me.
I'm not selling out my family.
My mission is possible, I don't give up that easy.
Look at the cohesion as I transition into position
Check the inflammation
A KING and an X, who will the ne-X-t KING be?
Can A man BE OR SEE what Kenne-D-y?
Who will Mark-us Garvey separate and free?
Owners, kings and queens of our own colonies.
Genocide, homicide, and suicide
When the plan comes to pass where will you side?
Murals of trilogy painted on the WINDOW of our minds
Close the SIGHT of the undetermined and open the BLIND'S!!

There he go!!! There he go!!!
see the man behind the scenes
with a high powered rifle and a triple beam
Invisible hands pulling triggers
like puppet nooses around niggers
from undercover political figures
to overpaid snitches and drug dealers
A call to arms to De-cease and Desist
any political force waving a black fist
high in the air for the presidential chair
down low Cointelpro aware of the plot
the Kennedy/King Master Scheme
of securing the black vote and really changing things
with a new political dynasty
headed by The Reverend Dr. King
with Black Panther Sniper Security waiting in the wings
on Mountains-Tops ready to let loose on anything
that moves in opposition
like pink-nosed assassins on a mission
trying to destroy, humiliate, and disgrace
the black power base
with heads rolling off balconies
and Nixon's Politicians Party still starving for vengeance
like hungry government dogs with malnutrition.

Dead President by Tracy Mckever & B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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