Complain'N on the Late Train

by B.T. Bonner

Niggers don't take the early train they just sit home and complain.
Complain about why the station is so far away from their houses.
Complain about how crowded the train is with other niggers always
        riding back and forth to work on the early train. They rather catch
        the half-empty train cause that's the way they were trained.
Complain about how many stops there are between home and their work station
 but never seek out a new destination.
Complain about how they don't like to come out in the rain
 so they sit at home and take the late train.
Complain about how they gotta get up to catch the early train
 and how they can't sleep late.
 Complain about their day
 but when the boss asks, "how is your day", They say....I can't complain
Niggers complain about why they have to work five days straight with no time
 so that they can sit home, sleep late, and Complain about there being
nothing to do all day.
Complain about who received the  promotion that they didn't deserve because
they haven't been on the job long enough. Complaining about how they keep
getting passed over and about how much cash they don't bring home because
the high tax keep takin it but refusing to vote because you gotta get on the
early train to get to the election poles.
Complain about how expensive it is to ride the train
but never takes the time to stop at the store for correct change.
Niggers don't take the early train they take the night train.
 Complain about the high prices in their hoods
 and how cheap the wine is on the other side of the tracks
 but won't get their asses on the train to catch that deal, they'd rather
Niggers are paying for the right to complain
 but don't have the right to complain cause they still paying to ride the
late train.

Complain'N on the Late Train by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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