Baby's Breath

by B.T. Bonner featuring R. "Chosen Man" Bonner

How many babies have to die  before I finish my verse
How many have to die before we choose to remove the curse
So many friends unequipped,  shit fallen down an empty path
So many unknown lives, shit fallen victim to the white mask

Three K's killa niggah killa niggah killa niggah today
About that systematic design open hate from a closed mind
Reinvent the wheel Reinvent the wheel turn that ass around
Its about that need to react you bust on me bitch I bust back now

Blowl, Blowl, I lay the roots I'm on the scene bags M1 thru 16
Bullets and shells pave your road to hell still the white ladies alive
One more hit the world is fine, just another mind rape on front line
Clean you up, your mind and guts WOW!! what you say nigga Blowl,

What about that life!! What about that life!! What about that life.
Its about that predetermined fate thats black right, life, three strikes
What about that rise !! What about that rise!! What about the freedom flight
Satisfaction in my eyez,Satisfaction to open thighs,No satisfaction when
babies die


When babies die mothers cry, thats some true shit no lie
babies mothas on their back  weepin' and sobbin' tears
for young lives taken before their peers
in terms of ghetto endearment
leaving black scar imprints
on the epitat in bold print, "Young Black Boy Dead"
screamin and fallin' out mothers jumpin' in caskets
wet-faced at their babies feet in the fetal seat
passing around money baskets for burial dues
to pay for the blues of our fallen baby trues
exterminated before their dreams can come true
while being exploited on the news with racial interviews
of black men with curls, stockin caps and filthy shoes
"i saw da whole thing"
"i saw da whole thing"
cheap media pen that co-signs the check
about black men being written off with hatred and disrespect
from the t.v. screen to eyes left open at the crime scene
winking and twitching from their bodies going cold
with ratings bustin' threw the roof, to the electric pole
but what about the babies?, what about the babies?
let them die in vain
hell no, fuck force change with hollow points threw membranes
and rely on the Criminal Justice System to wipe up the stains!!!

Baby's Breath by B.T. Bonner featuring R. "Chosen Man" Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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