Are We All God's Children?

by B.T. Bonner

where are we
when our children
starve in the streets
without food
while we eat $1000 table dinners
and leave the plate half full
dining off of our greed
chewing it up
and spitting out the seeds
at each other so fast
that we don't even slow down long enough
to swallow
cause we can't take it with us
so no one else gets to live
off of what you couldn't glutton
no left-overs allowed in Hell.....

who are we to decide who lives and who dies
who sniffs the gas chamber
who fries???
we are our own courts, judges, and juries
but eventually
we will be judged
by the real Just-Us System that gives you
the answers to the mysteries of the world
and only ask that you honor Him...

where are we
when our children
are incarcerated
locked behind steel bars
hurting each other
because of crimes that they
may have committed
paying three times over
because the criminal justice system
fucks them once in court
then both cell-mates follow
because all of the jails are over crowded
so for relief they take turns
then take the only
over-the counter medication
available at the time
and watch their window of opportunity close
but leaving the window to self-destruction cracked
so they can smell it but not see
what it is that's really pulling their nose hairs
so they just sniff, sniff, sniff
then bam they have a jones for sniffing
and end up addicted and FUCKED!!
but they don't know that
they have already become what
"Mama tried to steer you away from"
without realizing that they can't think straight
they can't define their lives
nor can they distinuish
between dirty and clean when gettin' high
cruel and mean when slapping thighs
freedom and captivity....oh how time flies......

then they get out and society
punishes them in Korporate AmeriKa
because Hell......"they don't want em back"
so they turn to the only place
that they can go to find
what they now believe is "all the Love they know"
in the streets
after walking hungry
like the living dead
zombies chasing white ghosts
down the Magnificent Mile
staring into the window
of a fancy restaurant
this time he goes in
Feast your eyes on vanity
in its purest form
AmeriKas answer to Poverty
Are we all God's Children?

Are We All God's Children? by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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