What I Wouldn't Give (To Be Free of U)

by B.T. Bonner

lingering tastes
still fill my cup
left wanting more
i sit patiently
i spin the Isley's
and i wait for the melodic sway
to pick me up
and wisp me
off into September
how tired my soul
from looking through
life's hourglass
from the wrong end
how tired my soul
from dodging my own
contradictions and lies
that whisper
only bitter-sweet truth
upon my deaf ears
here i sit
shaded & jaded
oceans away
from calm
circling in pools
of doubt
and my space
filled with nothing
but your relationship waste
despising yesterday's U's
wishing the ugly U in Us
would disappear
from my mind
like mist to thin air
leaving the i in i
and freeing  U
to take up your refuse
and take refuge
in someone elses space
anyone elses space
cause i am full
from carrying
around love's baggage
with U
and Mom
and U
and God
and U
and my People
and U, and U, and U
and U still cant understand
why i always play
my slow jams low
in search of the calm
held inside of each note
or why
when i speak
of my why's?
in tragic tongue
while U quickly dismiss
my charges
the Kidnaping
and Raping
and Murder
of my Soul
your victim is dead
and your jury is tired
from risking life
for your love
and risking your love
for my Sanity
tired from searching
for signs of life
in empty shells
opening them up
and filling them
with Me
hoping they can contain
themselves until i
finally OverDose
from giving
till i run dry
Malnutritioned Me
still hoping today
brings something simple
before i mentally collapse
from complex U
into a pool
filled with Your residue
and the Stankonia
of my relationship sweat
and tears
falling inches away
from your feet
the same feet that
trampled over Me
Stupid Me
the same feet
that i soaked and shoed
Stupid i
the same feet
that he now
kisses and pedicures
Stupid He
the same feet that
may get stepped on
one day
by someone
in my shoes
that would give anything
to be free of U
anyone except i

What I Wouldn't Give (To Be Free of U) by B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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