Visualizing A Reality

by Divine Purpose

I stand here today

With the tears of generations to come in my eyes

And it's their cries that ring in my ears

We livin' in a dangerous time

First cut back then cut away and now cut off

From the resources needed to succeed

Is it greedy of me

To announce that WE NEED OBAIN!

I'm not here to entertain

Let me explain my motives

The priorities seem clear

The proclamations of equality

Rang throughout this Great Nation

Yet educational emancipation

Is what we need

Don't come at me with dirty looks

When they cut the budget

We found a way to learn without books

Yet now they set their hooks in our educators

And you as legislators have the power

Yes you run the show but I

Just thought I would tell you

In case you didn't already know

That WE are the future

Yes future leaders and decision-makers of this nation

Like King, I too have a dream

See I dream of an end to urban decay

And a time when our children can play

Without worry

I have a dream that one day

Our government will fix the mess here at home

I dream of a day

When the only difference between

Urban and suburban education

Is its location and not its content

A day when the impressionable mind

Is invigorated in the class room

And not influenced by the media

I long for that day

When dollars and cents

Don't hold precedence over the needs of the people

Come go with me

To a place and a time

Where love abounds

And the minds of the youth

Are full and sound

To a place where the dream becomes reality

And educators in this land are free

Visualizing A Reality by Divine Purpose

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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