Slave Mentality

by BlakSistah

Until we can get over the ways of this world
With our Diamonds and Pearls mentality
We shall forever be trapped 
By the gravity of greed

Since the clarity of need can't be seen
Through the thick cloud of want

How can you look in the mirror 
Face the next day
Pray another prayer
While your brother lays 
Dying right before your eyes
And you hear his cries each time the wind blows
But it's ok though, cause you only care about you

The sky goes from blue to gray
And you continually stay 
Hooked on gettin ya coach-bag
Or hookin up ya new-ride
Whateva happened to gettin ya diploma
And just taking pride 
In doing tha-righ-thing?

But naw ya too caught up

Blood shed 
Peeps dead
We dread
What's happened to us

Wars sproutin' up 
Over some Crisco

This goes out 
To those who shout
And pout

While the system kills ya children
Bashin them in the brain with boredom
Makin them insane 
While they remain

The last history lesson they receive
Was about sla-very
Well what about you and me
Our labour

The toil we suffered
For their minds to be spoiled
And soiled by mistakes of the past
An history to vast to teach
Then preach it
Preach the Gospel of Post-Slavery Blacks
Read the poetic scriptures of
Maya, Langston, Phyllis
Ain't I A Woman?

We all cane through
Even without our 40 acres and a mule
When times weren't true 
We stuck in there
Mad of us did dare to be different

Huey and Bobby
Martin and Malcolm
They all had a dream
Dreamed of the betterment of our race
An equal place 
In this so-called 
"Land Of The Free"
Where we continually 

Forget about the gap
No time to clap
While the system taps 
Into funds needed
Soon to be depleted

But YOU won't say NOTHING

What about the children?
Remember when you were children

Don't let nothin take you down
And Don't let NO one make you frown
Don't EVER be ashamed 
Of being Black or brown

Cause until our generation
Faces the nation...
And reality
We shall forever be trapped...

Slave Mentality by BlakSistah

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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