Mister Mystery

by BlakSistah

It’s funny how someone with two eyes can be so blind
To think with your heart and not with your mind
Can be so fatal.  Trust me I know
Believe in yourself honey
‘Cause you run the show
Don’t try to change up man
Just go with the flow… of your essence
So, Mister Mystery, stay who you are
Cause trying to be someone else 
May take you too far
From where you need to be
For what good is a sweetheart 
Who is no longer sweet?
Shy is a good quality 
It flows like the sea
Natural and fundamental in
Who you are to be
So yeah, Mister Mystery can’t you see
Just being you is shaping our queens
Into their full potential
‘Cause you’re instrumental	
In the formation of a 
Mighty nation of beautiful women
Who love themselves and GOD too
So stay true to you
Mister Mystery ‘cause

To be what God wants you to be is who you wish to become
Relationships are in need of romantic brothers
Every mans “G” should be B flat  
Vivacious men are few and far in between
Obdurate men out number the tender ones and
Radical, men of God are back by popular demand 

Mister Mystery by BlakSistah

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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