The House That Love Left

by BlakSistah

It's hard picking up the pieces after you walked out my life.
I canít imagine loving you and hating you in the same breath 
But hey you made me this way

Gave you my time my energy my love and yet 
You threw it away for the next fine thing 
Was it cause I said you wasnít gettin none without a ring? 
Was it cause I wouldnít allow you to make me a victim in your game? 
Was it cause I said love and sex ainít the same

Whatever the reason I let you go and you bounced 
Leaving me with a shattered heart to announce 
And now you say baby Iíve changed but I donít care 
I canít allow you to love me and leave me for the next chick 
To wrap her legs around your dick and ride while I die inside
and you try to hide what I already know to be true
Is this supposed to make me wanna get freaky wit you? 
Cause if so then you must have me figured 
As some ho but know this I have pride and 
Dignity something you canít strip me of 

'Cause theyíre Gods gifts to me so baby please 
Donít beg me to forgive and forget
You have to learn yet who I am so you donít love me

Stop cryiní and lyiní to yourself cause your the only fool 
Love donít live here no more.

The House That Love Left by BlakSistah

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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