Definition of a King

by BlakSistah

Not strong but abusive
The brothers of today
Not assertive but intrusive
Are the majority I must say
But y’all think its cool
Makin’ comments on girlfriends fatty 
She hear it all tha time but mostly from her daddy
But you don’t care what she been through
Brotha’s the strength of our nation
The reason we are not
No more need for daddy
Since mommy plays both parts
Brotha my brotha cant you see
Everything you should be to me like
The love of my life 
The king of my heart 
My source of inspiration
Everything that you’re not
The king of our castle
The one who wipes the tears
The one holdin’ me tight
And easin’ my fears
But you’re not
Try bein’ confident in your beauty
Not in your length
And oh dominance is your duty
But you abuse your strength
You should be
An unconditional lover
Of God and family
A mighty prayin’ brotha
Pullin’ down strongholds with me
Can you be?
My morning song
The stars in my night sky
Can you stay true to me?
Together we could try 
To be the best we can
But first honey be a man
It ain’t about tha bling
Brotha, can you be a King?

Definition of a King by BlakSistah

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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