Black Brotha Black King

by BlakSistah

Mighty yet gentle hard but sweet
Is the countenance of my… 
Black Brotha Black King
Warm-hearted and kind 
Handsome beyond degree
Valued above most is my… 
Black Brotha Black King
With the strength of forever
He brings evil to its knee
Setting confusion in many with his humility
Strength, courage, intimate, smart
The love of my life the king of my heart
Substantial, Influential, Instrumental, delight
Beauty’s to the beholder baby, which is you in my sight
The leader of life you’re what makes me be me
For we complete each other my…
Black Brotha Black King
The father of my unborn children 
Is who you’ll come to be
It’s not your money, demeanor, or technique
That draws me closer to thee
It’s the fullness of your lips 
The whiteness of your teeth
The beauty of your spirit… my…
Black Brotha Black King 
It’s the height at which you stand
The ground on which you walk
The way in which you smile
The rumble when you talk…
It’s the color of your skin
Your eloquent way of speech
And the way in which you dominate 
Everything in your reach My… 
Heart cries out to you
You’re the taster of my tears
The only one for me
The song that’s in my ears
My eyes have been trusted with 
What even you refuse to see
Oh how I love you… my… 
Black Brotha Black king

Black Brotha Black King by BlakSistah

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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