Start the Fight

by Blackheaven

You say you love me
But I'm yo bitch and yo ho
You say you wanna take care of me
Chase the stars for me
But you won't even pay the cab fare for me
You said you'd treat me like a queen
So why is it that I'm washin, cookin,
and cleanin ya dirty ass draws
It's more like I'm the maid
And you're the king
So you went to the million man march
Said Louis Farakhan touched your heart
Said you'd change ya life
And be my mr. do right
But everynight we still fight
It's like yo ass just can't see the light
It's not that hard to please me
You're making it more than what it really is
See, I don't need a nigga that's gon feed me
I need a brotha who'll believe in me
So the white man is holding you down
Can't take care of yo family
So you don't come around
Well love is all the nourishment I need
To help me grow into a beautiful tree
From a tiny seed
No, I'm not tryin to dis you
But nigga you got issues
I am the source of all life
Ya motha, sista and wife
Worked in the fields
Beaten and raped
But you sit here and fuckin cry
Hell naw, 
If we're going to share happiness
We must learn to share sorrow
So let's start the fight today
And continue it tomorrow

Start the Fight by Blackheaven

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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