How U Luv Me

by Blackheaven

Luv how you speak to me
How you be so into me
How your fingers move so casually
 up and down my spine

Luv how you call me fine ass
 chocolate brown, yo sweetthang
Luv how we hang
Like you my homeboy and I'm your homegirl
Luv how you rock my world

Luv how you whisper freaky phrases in my ear
Leaning closer and closer 
 so no one else can hear
Luv the way you play with my....shit
How you take your time
 and work with it
Luv how you be thuggin
But still got time for huggin
 and kissin and caressin me
All over my body

Luv how you motivate me to express myself
 mentally and physically
How you look at me as if 
 I'm the only one you see
How you place no other before me

Luv how we be intimate
My black aphrodesiac
You take me to places unknown to man
Luv how you made me your woman

I luv the way you do
 all that it is you do
I luv how you and I became we
I luv the way you luv me

How U Luv Me by Blackheaven

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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