Wasted Waters

by Tony Bennett

Your taste beautiful and fragrant
Makes my humanness strides back and forth
filled with thoughtful pleasures
Wanting only to drink deep in the grottoes
of your love’s passion
Which flows to subtle rivers,
as if snow upon the deserts dusty face
These floods of desire that take up and down trails
leading to my waters end
Ending in what can only be said
as unfinished deeds and needs
And still these desert dreams
of lying within your ocean…

Still tasting the nectar of this once vast Visage,
like squeezing ripen fruit
Your substance spilling forth,
as I drink your tender feelings of loves 
Devotion, which deepens the waters
that rush through this physical being,  
As you’re filled with “Old” familiar juices,
quenching all your needs and 
Desires, and now you wonder,
how could I have know but only to be later 
Drowned in your muddy rivers of lies and deceit…

My mind holding on to these rivers of desire,
of our treasured bodies
Filling the “Cup with Life’s Liquor”,
in the solitude of this thoughtful soul
I roam along, alone with moderation
feeding empty dreams and desires
The cool refreshment of your waters
have now evaporated in the heat of my Disillusionment,
this physical death no longer brings this soul relief
While rivers separate us there’s only “Wasted Waters…”

Wasted Waters by Tony Bennett

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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