A View From Above

by Tony Bennett

It was the month of June when mine eyes saw her for the first time 
She floated above me as a humming bird to a juiced filled flower
The rhythum of her wings were different than any before her, her
Body was like naught Id seen before.  She moves with grace and song
Which did lift my soul; But as quickly as she flew into my view she was gone

And there seemed to be a valley between her heart and mine
But time would one day bring her back
It was in the month of August that I saw her again, she would hover above
The trees of my orchard to collect my fruit but never to eat herself.  Upon

Seeing her again, her fragrance returned to my heart and her body seemed 
To full my arms, she floats so high above me that I may not see her fully
Or was it my aloneness, was it her fragrance that drew mine eyes upon her
Sky, was it the hunger in my heart that desired comeliness, or was it her
Beauty that floats above me that sought the light of mine eyes

Above me always above me, that of time and test, My longing for her grows
Greater each day at evetide, but when her dawn eyes looked into mine, all 
the stars of my night faded away, Twas then she became my Sonia, then I 
Knew she saw life with eyes only clearer than mine

A View From Above by Tony Bennett

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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