The Squirt

by Tony Bennett

At night I lay with folded arms, longing for your touch
Hoping that one day you would return 
My love grows more each day as my life begins anew
Our past behind us never to be reborn in anger
Only love grows in this house that we made

I long for your touch, your fingers so delicate and rare
How they embraced my body, my mind, my soul, no longer there
Our bodies intertwined in extacy only touching, only exploring 

No penetration, 

As I look upon our bodies, we share more
The marks of our birth, laid gently upon our asses
Dreaming, hoping, longing for your taste
Remembering words, your words of lament, words of our lust
“No one can be this nasty with you but me…”

This was the first and second time our bodies met
Nights when only touching, tasting and the ‘squirt” were shared
Oh, the magic of the “squirt”
If only my body could feel yours now…

Thinking of how your tonque would lash across my nipples, endlessly 
Then turning me over, as you enjoyed each movement of my “Boypussy”
Then my mouth, touching, tasting you from behind (no penetration)
You cum, holding your heart as if being taken from you in that instance

I lick you, your ass, your clit, as your body calms and then the ‘squirt”
The longing for, the hotness that festered within my body until the time 
The time that you release me, moving in and out of the warmth, 
The wetness that your body offers me

Our bed wet, with the unbridled passion of hours of pleasure
Your taught it to me, you gave me the first (do you remember)
I looked in wonder and knew your body and mine were meant to be
But time has now moved on, we now share separate lives
But the “squirt” it still remains, the passion, the love, the lust, the time 
We lost the meaning of the ‘squirt”, but it shall be recaptured.  
I wait for your bodies touch, its taste and your longing and need for the 

Only your soul-body can give me this release, only the rejoining of this 
Our passion can rekindle the “squirt”….

The Squirt by Tony Bennett

© Copyright 1997, 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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