Faith and GOD's Revelation

by Tony Bennett

This morning when I woke up, my thoughts were less on going to work or what I had to do at work; as it was to, I'm I doing HIS work. There are many things that I can do a little of at the very moment I find myself thinking, "How awful that I haven't been doing that that HE's asked." I suspect it is no coincidence that my self-criticism comes right at the time that I can do something about it.

When my day is going poorly, I keep on muttering through it "until I have time," to ask GOD "what shall I do," instead of stopping right then and bringing myself together, asking the question and resolving the problem with HIS guidance. By approaching my problems with "What might make things a little better", rather than "What is the solution?" I avoid setting myself up for certain frustration.

My experience has shown me that I am not going to solve anything in one stroke, at best I am only going to chip away at and without HIS guidance nothing can be solved. The word "problem" implies an illusion: that this trouble I am having has definable limits. --Everything runs into everything else. A question to ask yourself, "Do you think you are a mistake just because you made one?"

There's no such thing as a mistake. There's only what happens and if you make decisions without spiritual guidance what we think or see as a mistake is often just bad judgement, the lack of guidance. My days has become a fraction happier ever since I realized that nothing is exactly the way I would like it to be. This is simply the way life is -- and there goes one battle I don't have to fight any more. Today I heard an old woman say, "Whatever I worry about is not worth worrying about." I'm glad I heard that.

I see that I, like so many have made rules for myself about certain words when trying to become one or live as one within HIM, words such as "why," "how," "is," "feel," "because," "should." But there are no taboo words, no should or shouldn't words, or rules when it comes to HIS love. It's not words, but what may be happening inside me when I use certain words that don't give me the clarity that I need to keep my faith strong.

Warren McCulloch said: "Don't bite my finger, look where I am pointing. There are no rules, no shoulds, no have-to'sHE can free me. There are no rules, no shoulds, no have-to'sHE will free me. There are no rules, no shoulds, no have-to'sHE has freed me. When we have questions about our faith everyone wants to offer an answer to the question of. From your friend to the therapists. I am weary of hearing therapists compare therapies. Why this eternal need to debunk?

Isn't it obvious by now that just as it was true of any religion, so too any therapy which makes a man's life happier is good for him? I believe that a therapy is just one way of seeing. It is an emphasis and as such neglects everything else. A new/old therapy (faith)has at all times helped me feel clearer about all situations that the ole ones didn't, but no therapy could ever seemed to quite fit my life. At least I have never found a written or spoke therapist's statement, therapeutic or otherwise, which has dealt with anything in my life exactly, but HIS word has and always will.

I see a number of my friends tormenting themselves over the belief that they can (therefore should) remove every last trace of some "block" or "impasse", when it comes to "faith." These terms, like the expression "work through," imply the existence of the other side ("completion," "finished situation," "completed transaction,"etc.). More and more I am doubting the helpfulness of such a view. What I choose to see as a problem can always be looked at differently when using "faith" as a means of resolution. I doubt that it is possible to completely work through such universally held states as anxiety and phobia, although it is clearly possible to move in the direction of greater freedom through "faith".

Getting out is getting in
Going in is getting through (Around is not through)
"I am here" is getting there (GOD)"
Wish I were there" is staying here (WE)
(Moving is standing very still) "FAITH"
Having is getting
Wanting is not receiving (Being is very filling)

Faith is like self-discipline, which ceases to feel like internal warfare whenever I see that, given the alternatives (doing the wrong thing) which I have allowed myself, I am always doing what I want to do. There is a kind of trying which affirms me, as when a kitten tries again and again to climb a tree until she/he has succeeded. And there is a sick kind of trying (saying that I can do or be this way and still live as a Christian)which denies me, as when I try to make someone like me and become less and less with each failure. When I try in this way I am looking outward at a wish or ideal, and so I am turned away from noticing me, my "faith." At times it seems that all of my thinking is and effort to become faithful.

My thoughts say in effect: "Look at the past, you certainly did that well" (i.e., be more like that in the future) or "look what happened, you sure made a fool of yourself" (don't be like that again) or "Take what you're experiencing now, for example, here's how you could use it to your advantage" (in the future). Most people's faith is jottings on a memo pad, which will never be used. Thinking of having no faith is a symptom. That fear perpetuates much of my thinking is obvious to me: fear that I might not become...

Filling my head with thoughts sometimes fives me the illusion of being alone (without GOD). I believe that "faith" serves a useful function within my organism (GOD) whether I do something with it or not. Most of my thoughts of "faith" do not have a clear, unforced meaning for me, and if the message does not become obvious to me quickly I usually drop working on it. In order to see more clearly I have to take notice of what I can already see (through prayer), rather than look for what I should be able to see but can't. I hear many people today talking about "awareness" as if it were the solution.

Awareness is a word, a word like "love" which has a very roomy definition -- but not one roomy enough to include everything (GOD's Love). I don't have to become aware. I don't have to start seeing or even learn how to listen. My body is already aware. I already see. All I need is to be open to my awareness, remain conscious of what it is I am already seeing "faith", GOD's Love. Awareness is given and all that is required is to keep thought out of its way, which of course is not a doing, but a not-doing...

Continue doing.... Continue your faith...
The daily ramblings of a Mad Man...
I am, we are because of HIM. I exist because you let!!! M TB
Peace and Light...
Alway With Peace...
Until We Touch Again...

Faith and GOD's Revelation by Tony Bennett

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