Callipygian Thoughts

by Tony Bennett

Section I	(Erotic Thoughts)

Her body’s colors like that of crimson and myrrh
Her fragrance resounds of hyacinth and patchouli engulfs my being
Her body’s texture, that of silken tassels
Her curves flow such as the river of life (the Nile)
Her touch as timeless as mans imagination
Her taste hypnotic as all the incense of time

Her thoughts of her held deep within me
Her callipygia submerged within the folds of my strength
Her lips so soft move over me as I lose myself within them
Her wetness absorbs me, lays puddles in me, around me
Her movement, glides across me opening me over and over
Her thrust rapid then slow, soft then hard brings me to, too
Her body, now in it’s thirteenth movement, the number of return, it begins 

Section II	(Karmic Passion)

In your pastures I graze restoring my strength in loving sweetness
As I again except thanksgiving, your love keeping me straight 
And justly tender as these words of lament blow all about us
Unto my universe your life force flows, as this physical body rest my sojourn 
Begins, singing like blossoms on gilded wings speaking of the
Paradise to come, and you the bread of my existence intoxicates me as wine
Come with me to this inner sanctum as our pursuit for love searches for 
The “Fruitful Grape”, come with me Beloved, come with me…

On the wings of unseen birds, I lay rested within your bed as you give me
Quiet flirtations, rising me over and over, keeping me drumming with your 
Song, my movement slow, as if moonlight tracing across hilltops
I wrap myself in your beauty, your “tavern door agape”
Without an utterance, in deep meditation, I come before dawn

Section III	(End Shape/Beginning Desires)

I feel the music of distant drums, calling the rapture of this time spent
My seed spent within the ruby vintage of unquenchable passion and desires
This vessel that brought such worldly pleasures, now moves within
By what presumption did I cause this room from keeping its form?
Now her body’s intelligence awaken to the Divine Truth (life)
The bliss that exudes from her surrounds in this realm between the me and 
the “darker draught” which keeps my quest alive

What we endured was inevitable, the consequence of our blindness
And there are not past regrets, only the bliss that lives within
Guarded by whispers of light, held by the wilderness of trust
It’s silent cries of weakness, creates bewildered strength
The pressure of God now arrives, moving between both kingdoms
It’s light now pressing softly as a candle to the sun…

All created from “Callipygian Thoughts”

Callipygian Thoughts by Tony Bennett

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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