Well My Beloved (The Answer to an Email)


Well my beloved one,

I'm so sorry that I was the cause of your lateness; although the reason, and I agree was worthy, but work must come first and our jaunt with the cup of bliss in. The time we spend and spent last night was no mere intoxicant, it allows for all kinds of wonders. From ego-gratification, to the enchantment of love’s call. Because once one anchors oneself in the Divineness of togetherness he/she is sustained in this very Universe. Your "CAT" just like the rose, opens its peddles when the touch of one that desi res is equal. This time we spend conversing, allows me to over stand one of my greatest writers (Omar Khayyam) sayings: "Those who allow themselves to be caught by human beauty imprison themselves through the sense of sight - "whipped," as a saint once described a young man, "by the lash of a beautiful face." My welcomeness to you comes from a much further place than sight, in this our time. It comes from the touch of your voice, the thought of you which all imagination flows..... It comes from your ten derness and warmth; and for this I'm thankful, evermore..... To answer your question, "What have you done to me?" I can only quote myself in Titi, "there's no greater love than that which we share." There's no greater voice than that of which we share.... Its comfort engages, encourages and at time overwhelms the senses. Its need constant. And for you my love, honey-suckled sweetness from the most inroads of my heart. Rainy days and nights of enchanted bliss through my soothing hands that await your touch....


And I thought I was the poet. Keep writing. Keep, keeping me in mind...

Well My Beloved (The Answer to an Email) by DROAMM

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