Between Angels

by Bam

You don't know what you have
Until you find it's gone
That's what I was told
But in my case that's wrong

I truly adored my mother
Who had to be my father too
Her love for me was unconditional
Despite the dumb things I'd do

We didn't always see eye to eye
But such is being parent and child
Never had to question her being there
Whether with tears, frown, or smile

Becoming a parent myself
Was such a blessing and a curse
My baby girl was the blessing
Would I be my father or worst

She wouldn't allow that
She clung to her daddy like glue
Encouraging and uplifting me
Though I didn't know what to do

Her mother and I taught her as she taught us
But my mother probably did the most
She became such a wonderul young lady
But never one to brag or boast

A week before I turned 39
The phrase "Heart Attack" was well defined
It took away a wonder mother
I just hate that mother was mine

15 months after that time
2 months after my 40th birthday
"Bacterial Meningitis" became the new phrase
It came and took my baby away

Different people expect things of me
I don't know what I expect of myself
Most times I feel totally alone
Sometimes wishing I was someone else

I try to concentrate every minute
On my love for them and the good times
I have to remember though it's hard
Their lives here are over, not mine

Also I must pray to God continuously
Heavenly Father, your son wants to thank you
You turned the death of my mother and daughter
Into the birth of my two angels


This is my tribute to Gladys Lee Reaves 3/22/39 - 
9/11/02 and Kiera Marie Reaves 10/13/89 - 12/01/03. 
It's also the inspiration for a screenplay I'm 
working on. Sisters and Brothers, 
please keep me and my family in your prayers.

Between Angels by Bam

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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