Tormented Ambitionz

by Levi James Baldwin III

Watching the drop top Benz pass, with it's jewel laden driver.
I desire to throw a grenade, causing destruction and fire.
These destructive tendencies, strike viper quick like a snake.
Unexpected and uncontrollable, like a global earthquake.
I feel the shake, as oppressions debris pummels me.
It's a new millennium, yet there's still white supremacy.
Tormented by ambitions of success, to end my poverty.
Years of staring at the sea, must've blinded lady liberty.
Unless you count mandatory sentencing, as fair democracy.
Since 80% of prisoners are black, who feels the potency?
All these thoughts during, the passing of one candy apple Benz.
I know i'm young, but will the sleepless nights ever end.
Envy is something as a people, we need to end.
Any brother making chedda, is something we need to commend.
I'm no better than the next man, when it comes to envy.
The green demon of jealousy, torments me weekly.
Although I subdue the beast, it never succumbs easily.
Every time I open a magazine, or see a artist on T.V..
My eyes shine bright and greedy, as my mind whispers sweetly.
Sell your soul to your dreams, an imagine the sun in Tahiti.
So tormented in my concrete jungle, desiring a beach and the sun.
My ambitions force me to chase my dreams, but they always run.

Tormented Ambitionz by Levi James Baldwin III

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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