The Night Visit

by Levi James Baldwin III

I walk up the stairs to the apartment feeling my feet hungrily devour each step as my highly acute senses pick up your lingering scent in the hall. With the stealth of a hunting tiger I open the door and enter .... I slowly survey my surroundings allowing my eyes to adjust to the pitch blackness of early morning. Then close them to allow my hearing to home in on the sounds of night. I hear your soft breathing coming from the closet made bedroom, and casually walk to the door.I crouch to better mask my ninja like motions as I turn the knob and slide through the door onto the bed where you are deep in a troubled sleep. I sit and watch for what could be a minute to an hour, time is lost as I look at your nearly nude body covered by the inky black silkiness of the satin sheets. Closing my eyes again I place my hands lightly on your forehead and trace the fine lines of your face.

Feeling the crevices and contours of a face that a model would envy I smile in the dark enjoying the soft sigh you let out under my gentle touch. Working my way down the curve of your neck to the smooth warm spot above your heart thinly covered by a bra. Then grin wickedly as I begin to make slow circles around each nipple until they fight the confines of the bra. You grumble slightly and turn to your side still unaware of my presence..... Eyes now fully adjusted I open them and catch my breath as I take in the length of your body. Beginning my slow descent once again my hands trace a agonizing trail from breasts to thighs taunting everything in between...then pause. With the gentleness of a mother blessing a child I place one passion filled kiss on your sleeping lips . As your slowly brought from the realm of the breathing dead I feel my heartbeat pound in my ears like a bass drum. My pulse quickening as your body begins to press against mine deepening the kiss. First one bright green eye opens only to be followed by it's slightly tardy sister. Then you smile and return to the kiss pulling my weight atop of you with enthusiasm...

Our kiss becomes more urgent as the passion builds.... we tear at each others clothes like they're burning our skin. naked our bodies collide against each other like two puzzle pieces finely matched. We tumble noisily to the mattress pulling at each others skin with teeth and hands as if to devour each other whole. I stop you and place your hands gently at your sides then look deep into pools of emerald green. Starting a assault of kisses that leave your skin burning with desire, working down further and further pausing above your parted thighs to once again inhale the rich musky aroma of your sex. Then with ruthless abandon plunge my tongue deep into the heart of your squirming twisting body.

Still holding your hands at your side I feel your body jerk off the mattress , muscles bunching and unbunching beneath soft taunt skin. I begin making little clockwork circles inside you.....round...and round.... hearing your pleas for me to enter you yet denying each and everyone. As I allow my tongue to play a furious song on your swollen little button of pleasure, you cry out loudly as my tongue mercilessly sends wave after wave of pleasure through your body. With super natural strength you yank one hand free and grab a hand full of braided curly locks of hair. Pulling me up the length of your body demanding release, from the torture you endured.

Then as if to enflame me out of sexual vengeance twist your body turning us over. Our bodies pushing deep into the mattress as pull away to sit atop my swollen manhood... yet not allowing me to enter. You look down at me with the expression of a mischievous child. Then place a light kiss on my lips before descending kissing down my chest...slowly tracing a trail with your tongue down my body...I can feel the heat of your breath as you pause above my hardness. My heart beats furiously inside my chest as if demanding release... as your breath steams down my manhood as you exhale and cools me as you inhale, then you take me in. I arch my back uncontrollably as hot pulsing lips and tongue squeeze around my manhood. Pleasure assaults my mind sending electric shocks through my body, causing me to shiver as if cold. Then as if to drive me mad you pull away.

As my body rocks violently like a addict in need of a fix I try to focus on you face through my desire blurred vision. Only to see the smile playing on your lips even through the darkness... then you return working at a furious tempo causing my body to shake and jerk as if it was possessed by restless spirits. And as I feel the tension building in me stop again!! Only to whisper up to my useless mind do you want me? ...then you run the tip of your tongue lightly over the tip of my swollen head.

Like a siren playing her possessing song my bodies called to you I'm unable to respond , forced only to grab for you like a man drowning reaching out for a life preserve. Then with a animal like growl I pull you up to me turning us over once again gripping a large sum of your neck between my teeth ..the whole time your hands trail a path of lava across the muscles of my back. I feel beads of sweat forming on your shoulder as you try to control the desire coursing through your body. As you wrap petal soft, curvy thighs around my waist positioning my throbbing manhood against the entrance of your moist lips for one deep thrust.... You pull my hungry lips away from your neck long enough to whisper to really want me .... do you....

My mind tries to reason what your saying but animal lust rockets mercury through my veins demanding flesh...and with one shallow breath I respond "Yes!!" then arch my hips.......

I feel your nails dig deep into the muscles of my back as your legs squeeze me tightly. I push my manhood to the hilt enjoying the velvety smoothness of your molten hot wet sex. Our bodies pushing against each other in a violent rhythm of lust and sweat. I move slowly at first, then start to quicken my pace grinding my pelvis against yours. I hear your shallow gasps against my neck as you moan for more.... faster you say. And I go a little faster at first then once again slow down knowing the agony I'm putting you through. Then I pull out, and as I feel all the warmth and wetness be pulled away... you scream "NO!". Only to be turned over onto your stomach and pulled up onto your knees, I position myself against the soft mound of your creamy soft flesh and push into you again. You whimper with pleasure as you feel my deepness, pushing back against me with powerful thrust. As I feel the trickle of sweat fall from my body onto your skin, my hand finds it's way around to your pleasure center. And with each thrust my fingers work from side to side driving waves of pleasure throughout your frame. Your muscles begin to tense around my swollen shaft as I pump faster with mounting pleasure. Then you buck wildly like struck by lightning..... muscles spasming uncontrollably as the orgasm rips through you. Only to have my own follow closely behind.... feeling the sea spray of pleasure from the core of my being to the tips of every hair on my body.

Still hard yet drained I pull away and turn on my side allowing my body to rest against the mattress. Pulling you down in front of me I position my still hard manhood against you again, lifting one leg for deeper penetration. We mold against each other in a spoon shape of bodies my manhood resting deep inside of you. I hear you breath coming slow and even as you begin to return to the black abyss of sleep, then place my hands around your waist pulling you tightly against me. Enjoying the quiet little sigh of contentment you let out as we both drift into sleep........

The Night Visit by Levi James Baldwin III

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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