The Alpha Chronicles

by Levi James Baldwin III

Alpha gripped the side of the crate with a shaking hand, thoughts of survival running through his mind like a runaway train. He swiftly releases and reloads the browning nine millimeter Beretta in his right hand. " I would love to meet the jackass who said heroes don't feel fear." So he could replace me and handle this situation, alpha grumbles between ragged breathes. Each word causing sharp pain to explode in his mouth like tiny sticks of dynamite.

The slightest hint of movement rips alpha away from his stray thoughts. Like ice water thrown on an a nude sleeping body. Wiping away the trickle of blood from his split and bruised lips. Alpha silently rises from his crouched position behind the row of crates. Easing forward with the stealth of a shadow on the wall, he peeks one mocha colored eye from behind the crates. He barely sees the men hunting him, for they move like night given life. Slinking to and fro across the warehouse rafters like monkeys, and through he twenty-five foot aisle floors like rats. Steadily moving forward, never making a sound nor giving off the slightest shadow from the luminescent warehouse lights.

Alpha feels the heat of the blast a millisecond before his observation point explodes in a koliadascope of chemically treated wood and rainbow colored popcorn. Then they're upon him like a legion of nocturnal beasts erupting from their lairs. Alpha feels the steel biomesh glove close around the back of his neck and knows the running is done. "Through ones mind all is achieved" he mumbles while gasping for breath. "what did he say" asks one of his captures? The question glides into Alphas ears feeling like a serpents tongue coiling around his brain looking for the answer. Just as he feels he can't hold his response back a second longer. The man gripping his neck repeats " through ones mind all is achieved". Respectfully adding the sir that told Alpha he wasn't the leader of this group of killers.

Focusing his strength into his mind, every cell working in unison expelling their energy for his survival. Alpha feels his heartbeat pounding against his chest plate like an angry prisoner attempting to escape a sinking ship. As his blood spread in a pool of wetness devouring his shirt. In his minds eye he sees the quarter sized hole his life fluid escapes from and knows another shot to his skull will end his life.

A librazor gun a combination of lazerlight and sound fires a vibrating projectile of light and high frequency sound. These bolts of light look the length and diameter of a shotgun shell. Unlike a shotgun shell which moves relatively slow librazor projectiles move at mach six (six times the speed of sound) cauterizing everything they pass through. Alpha knew he would be dead right now if his pursuers had used the librazor highest setting. On the highest setting, once the projectile passes through anything organic . The overcharged molecules ricochet at such intense speeds they fry the organism from within.

He feels them shifting around him like hyenas moving in on a wounded prey. From the sound of their voice distorters there were five on the ground and two in the rafters. Alpha knew he was in trouble if someone was willing to send the ENS squad after him. The Emerald Night Squad were the best high tech mercenaries on the market.

With a dry blood caked grin he thinks " too bad they're not going to pick up their bounty." Reaching inside his pocket with swift efficiency Alpha removes a peanut shaped object with a blue star at one end. Just as the merc lifts him high into the air for all to witness the kill. Alpha swings his hand high into the air and presses the small blue star atop the device. Screams of pain and anguish echo off the warehouse walls like a symphony of tortured souls.

The leader of the ENS knew something was going through alpha's head while he played possum in his guards grip. He was just curious to what exactly it was. Reading the paperwork on Dr. Victor Alpha six months before taking the actual hit gave him insight to his survival methods. From the bio his employer was able to patch together , Dr. Alpha was gifted in all field's of technological science. After three doctrine degrees he worked with the pentagon and several private contractors. Designing weapons and armor that could repair and even save a mortally wounded soldiers life.

Finding out that several of his designs were being confiscated by the Pentagon under the title "sensitive technology". Then auctioned off to the highest bidder forced Alpha to flee underground taking what few designs he still possessed with him. He was located once in a privately owned facility where there was an attempt to capture him. The video recording of the incident showed Alpha's superb martial arts skills and cunning leaving nine men dead. In the five years since the recording Alpha hadn't been seen or heard from.

Until one year ago when Digicorp the leading weapons manufacturer for the pentagon. Was infiltrated then destroyed by a man fitting Alphas description wearing a biomesh suit similar to Alphas design. A similar incident occurred three months later fitting the same M.O. Lord Diablo was then contracted to find and stop Alpha at all costs. Through his own private research lord diablo found eight other cases where men were left dead or arrested and no body was found fitting Alphas description. Using this knowledge to his advantage Lord Diablo used the hypnosurge voice hoping Alpha would pull his trump card.

Not working Lord Diablo waited like the rest of his team for the final move to their deadly chess game. Just as he passed the signal to end Alpha's well accomplished life. Disappointed that the reputation didn't fit the real man Alpha pulls his trump card. Just like children watching a magician pull a rabbit out of his hat. The ENS is caught staring at the burst of white phosphorous microflare removed from his pocket. His warrior since of danger saved his own sight, but from the screams. He knew the same couldn't be said for the other six members of his team.

David Lamance had only been a member of the ENS for three years. In the squad of seven he was number five, the man who captured Dr. Alpha. As he felt the searing light pierce his eyelids thin veil of protection blinding him. He knew at the prime age of twenty-four he was going to die.

Alpha could smell his own scorched flesh where his fingers had been burned from the flare. Dropping it's smoking husk while simultaneously pivoting on the ball of his right foot. He raised the Browning up to to the left eyehole of number five's biomesh suit and fired one shot. As the dead mercs body releases his already weakened grip on Alpha and falls backward towards the floor. Alpha hears a ear piercing screech of rage and hatred from above. Pivoting ninety degrees to his left, he swings his browning laserscope skyward towards the rafters.

Number two was plummeting down from directly above him. Although he was blind his inhuman ferocity still caused a chill to run up Alpha's spine. Wincing slightly at the pain in his fingers Alpha closes one eye and focuses the other on the katana wielding killer. His first shot missed the second reached it's mark. Caving in the left eye of the falling killer like it was inhaled by a vacuum. Before the body hit the floor in a shower of crimson soup Alpha dodges a blind swing of the Bo staff of number three.

Alpha feels the backwash of wind above him where his head was poised mere moments before. From his crouched position he knows he's open for attack. So does the ENS, if you leave them an opportunity then you're a polaroid for a milk carton. Alpha feels the sia blades fierce point pierce his flesh like a hot knife through room temperature butter. Screaming aloud he lashes out with a side crescent kick that misses it's mark. Bone shatters under the force of the Bo staff as alpha rolls with the hurricane that connects with his ribs.

From his awkward roll Alpha springs to his feet in front of number three and six firing a volley of shots into the biomesh armor. " I know it can't hurt them, but at least it'll give me a little space from these butchers" he mutters. Looking back number three and six are already back on their feet. The holes made by the browning sealing up like brief figments of his imagination. They were poetry in motion, even with their blindness they were still a match for ten well trained men.

Alpha squares his shoulders and prepares his mind for close combat. Knowing that in hand to hand combat he has little chance of survival. He also knows that hand to hand is the only way to get them close enough for a clear shot at the left eye. Which is the only weakness in the biomesh suit that he designed. Feeling the blood rushing through his veins fueled by napalm disguised as adrenaline. He steps forward to meet the onrushing attackers having the plan laid out in his mind. He sees a slight motion out the corner of his eye a second before he feels the blow land against his arm.

Number four sitting in the background waited for Alpha to focus his attention elsewhere. So he could move in for the kill and claim all the glory. Knowing Lord Diablo (number one) was watching, he wanted to be promoted to the number two position. Since number two had met his premature demise, he felt why not someone benefit from it. As he whipped his nunchuk into Alpha's arm he grinned behind has face mask with thoughts of greed and power.

Alpha knew he was in a bad situation from the way his body was losing blood and slowing down. His anger got the better of him as he dodged another vicious attack from number six. He didn't care if he survived this encounter or not. His soul purpose for living, was to kill everything in the warehouse with a heartbeat. Letting years of training take over, he stopped thinking and allowed his body to react on it's own. No longer Alpha he was a killing machine, of the like ENS couldn't conceive. He had nothing to gain from this battle except for his life. Comparing that to the bounty ENS would be getting for this job, put them on about equal footing.

As number four comes rushing forward to follow up his first nunchuk blow. Alpha crouches low and releases a sweep style kick to the knee of number four cleanly breaking the bone. As he falls to the ground silently savoring his own pain. Alpha swivels to face his two on rushing opponents who are arms length away. Number three in the lead with a look of pure malice in his eyes, closely followed by number six. Before either could advance further Alpha steps forward, grabbing number three by his wrist. Which was place furthest forward on his Bo staff and uses his momentum. To swing his staff into the stomach of the onrushing number six causing him to double over from the impact. Still off balance from number threes blow he never sees the bullet that ends his life.

Alpha feels his teeth grind as number three swings his Bo staff with deadly accuracy. Connecting with his legs sending him hurtling to the ground. From his position on his back Alpha fires his remaining shots into the groin of number three. Springing to his feet and reloading simultaneously Alpha dives blindly between the rows of crates. Crouching close to the floor he focuses his attention on detecting movement. As the seconds crawl by agonizingly slow Alpha's brief reprieve ends.

Feeling over confident that his Bo staff had badly injured Alpha number three stands at the far end of the row of crates. Squinting slightly at number three in the distance, Alpha hears a slight squeak atop the piles of crates. Without thinking Alpha turns and fires at the rafters above. Number four falls atop Alpha breaking his collar bone, weighing a small freight train. The five bullet holes his face mask already sealing, Alpha uses his hand for leverage to end number fours illustrious career.

Lord Diablo resembling a greek statue poised atop the rafters looks down upon the scene motionless. Watching his men blinded then cut down one by one, draws no emotion from his steel facade. Each man was well compensated for the mission, if they were unable to succeed. In Lord Diablos opinion and the opinion of his superiors, they deserved to die. Each move made by Alpha was scrutinized and recorded for later analyzation. He could've intervened at any time and ended the wounded doctors murderous tirade. He preferred to wait and see if these men were worth bearing the name ENS. Regardless of how this little cat and mouse game ended, Alpha wasn't going to live to see sunrise.

Pulling the release cord on the back of number fours face mask alpha felt the biomesh soften into chainmail once again. Quickly pulling the suit off and dragging himself inside while keeping constant awareness on the approaching number three. Crawling away from number fours corpse down another endless row of crates. Alpha feels the biomesh suits nanite circuitry repairing his damaged body.

Without warning number three appears at one end of the row alphas slowly crawling down. Knowing the suit still needed a few more minutes to finish the healing process, Alpha quickly ducks down another alley of crates. Instantly at the end of the row appears number seven . Turning around to back track Alpha sees number three standing at the other end. " I've never been into threesomes fellas...too much work. " Alpha says humorlessly.

Number seven begins advancing without a response. Taking another quick look behind him, he sees that number three is matching seven step for step. Looking like synchronized dancers number seven and three draw their weapons silently. Alpha grins behind his Biomesh face plate waiting for the two blind hunters to advance closer.

Lord Diablo shows the first signs of life grimacing as he watches Alpha deliver the killing blow. To number three using the dead number sevens sia blade. A metallic crunch vibrates off the walls of the warehouse as the body of number three lands on the floor beside number seven.

"Never bring a knife and stick to a gun fight" alpha growls at the two corpses. Looking around quickly, he yells out for number one. " Diablo show yourself !" I know you've been waiting for this. It's just me and you know number one. Stepping over the lifeless body of number three, Alpha tosses his browning to the ground.

" See no toys's just you and me". Pausing for a second and hearing no response he yells out " don't you wanna play"? Knowing that taunting Lord Diablo was like slapping a cobra in the face. Alpha knew that it was also the only way to draw him out of hiding so he couldn't use a surprise attack.

Alpha watched Lord Diablos land from the rafters twenty feet above soundlessly. Staring at the six foot seven inch giant, he knows he's dealing with a monster. Although they've never met Lord Diablos reputation for being the best money can buy. Was well known and well feared by the underground criminal circuit. Standing motionless in front of him, Alpha waited for Diablo to make his first move.

"Dr. Alpha, you've killed my entire squad of men. Then you taunt me with that mano Y mano cliché". Advancing toward Alpha slowly while speaking, Lord Diablo sounded almost amused. " Did you think i didn't know you ran out of ammunition when you killed number seven" ? " Why else would you use his sai to kill number three". You already had him stunned with the two shots to the throat. If you truly had any ammo left you would've finished him. Just like you would do me... that is... if you had any ammo left. Stopping less than five feet away from Alpha he stands and waits for a response.

Impressed with lord Diablos perceptiveness and combat awareness. Alphas compelled to take the measure of the man he's about to face in mortal combat. Standing a good foot taller with a body like a grizzly bear on steroids. Lord Diablo would give the most time hardened criminals nightmares. Focusing his attention on the confrontation that's about to ensue, Alpha responds " you're right'.

Once again seeming as if he was smiling behind his face plate Diablo says "you've had a very impressive career Alpha". You are a worthy trophy and I look forward to bringing your head in for the bounty. By the way do you like the new additions I've made to your biomesh suit design? As he speaks two six inch blades unchamber from the backs of each glove.

Not waiting for a response Lord Diablo leaps into the air thrusting his leg forward. Connecting with Alphas unguarded chest sending him flying against a crate like a discarded soda can. Immediately rolling to his side Alpha hops back to his feet searching all directions for Diablo. " How can a man that size move so fast" Alpha ponders. I didn't even see him move, so if I'm going to survive, I gotta stay on my toes. Making a slow circle peering high into the rafters. Alpha tries to envision Lord Diablos next plan of attack. He sees the blades a nanosecond before the slice through his side. Gritting his teeth through the pain, Alpha slams his arm downward like a guillotine. Feeling the bone beneath snap and hearing the resonating crunch Alpha smiles through labored gasps.

Each a warrior and expert martial artist, they exchange countless blows in rapid succession. Biomesh suits being taxed to their extent, sealing mortal wounds only minutes after they're inflicted. Delivering a well placed open palm to Lord Diablos' nose bone gave Alpha the few inches of breathing space he needed. Running tiredly down a row of crates he tries to come up with a strategy to even the odds. Reaching the electric bay doors of the warehouse Alpha turns to face his opponent.

Lord Diablo appears from a darkened corner of the warehouse. The dimly luminescent lights cast his shadow across the wall like a black mist. " Nowhere left to run good doctor, this ends here NOW!!". Carefully timing Lord Diablos rushing frame to the last moment. Alpha feels the giant meat skewers graze his chest in one massive swipe. Rolling backwards with the momentum of the blow Alpha pulls his knees into his chest. Placing each foot against Lord Diablos massive midsection, he kicks out. Sending the surprised leader of ENS sailing through the air like a cannonball. Pressing his momentary advantage, Alpha rushes forward and sweeps Lord Diablos feet. Just as he regains his balance sending him crashing to the ground once again.

Once again tasting concrete lord Diablo tries to roll away from Alphas merciless kicks to the back and sides. Alpha knew he only had one slim chance of defeating number one and that ws keeping him on the defensive. Silently hoping Diablo doesn't figure out the plan. Each kick placed against Diablos body sending him closer and closer to the bay doors.

Viper fast Lord Diablo swings his clawed hand out and slashes one of alphas shins. This small break in the offensive is all Diablo needed to regain his footing and attack once again. Hobbling on one good leg Alpha stumbles toward the closed doors, knowing that Diablo is stalking his every move. Smiling behind his biomesh mask Lord Diablo feels the end is near and silently savors his prize. Walking slowly and calmly towards Alpha Number one feels like a spider. Having wounded prey in it's web giving it's final struggles for life, even though it knows it's futile. Puzzled by Alpha's attempt to reach the bay doors Diablo calls out to him. " It's over Alpha , no more running'.

Reaching the bay doors winded and still aching from the slashed shin. Alpha grabs one of the thick steel chains used to raise the docking bay doors. Using the biomesh suits enhanced strength Alpha breaks off a piece, while taunting Diablo to come closer. "not until simon says". There is no simon present Alpha. I alone control who lives and who dies here. With that stated Lord Diablo presses his attack forward.

Using the piece of chain as nunchuks Alpha is able to deflect the majority of Diablos lethal attacks. Even with the chains help Alpha still suffers several vicious cuts and stabs. Pushing a near defeated Alpha against the bay doors Diablo draws his arm back for the final blow. Alpha swings the chain out in an violent arc, wrapping around diablos poised arm. Pulling forward with the last of his remaining might. Alpha forces number ones clawed hand into the electrical box that controls the bay doors.

Unprepared for this form of attack, lord Diablo is paralyzed by the twenty thousand volts of electricity surging through his suit. With grim determination Alpha fights unconsciousness and grabs hold of Diablos free arm. Planning ahead for this attack Alpha placed his suits electricity dampening fields on maximum. Even set on maximum the electricity was causing Alpha incredible pain. Staring into number ones icy blue eyes, Alpha sees the hatred and fury of the hunter cheated of his kill. Knowing he only has moments before Lord Diablo frees himself and finishes extinguishing his life. Alpha rams Diablos free clawed hand into his own face mask piercing each dead blue eye. Two pronged tips escape the biomesh suit covering number ones skull and his massive frame slumps to the ground. Alpha looks upon the enormous hulk of a man saying "simon says".

As Alpha makes his way out of the warehouse stumbling and hobbling from exhaustion. He knows he hasn't seen the last of ENS nor the people who employed them. If anything now that he's killed one of their best, they'll turn up the price of the hunt. With a sardonic smirk playing across his ebony features, and one last glimpse of the corpse behind him. Alpha knows that next time he'll be ready for them...and they won't know what hit'em.

The Alpha Chronicles by Levi James Baldwin III

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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