A Screaming Orgasm

by Aujeahnaie B. Reed

It's a tingly sensation
That makes you fuzzy inside
It's a gratifying feeling
That leaves you completely satisfied
Your toes will curl
And your legs may shake
He might even smile
From all the faces you'll make
You'll close your eyes tight
And grasp for the bed
You'll arch up your back
While turning your head
He'll plant little kisses
To that spot on your neck
Your eyes will roll back
How much more can you take?
He'll blow in your ear
And whisper sweet melodies
His sexy sounding words
Make you weak in the knees
With the tip of his tongue
He'll outline your lips
He'll thrust his body down
As you raise up your hips
You're in perfect harmony
The music is just beautiful
And then you'll feel it
Deep down in your soul
Your moans are getting louder
Your breathing becomes shallow
He says let it all out
And then he'll soon follow
Your muscles will contract
To let your juices flow
Your nails are in his back
As you let your body go
You'll twist this way and that
And have a full body spasm
Now that's what I call
A Screaming Orgasm 

A Screaming Orgasm by Aujeahnaie B. Reed

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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