Three Girls On The Subway

by Athena

i see these girls on the subway
On a weekend get-a-way to new york city
They hold themselves as grown women as the train grinds to a halt
"Construction" they say and i see these girls smack their lips
pink with lipgloss and mid-february chill
large gold hoops frame their faces giving auras of angels in urban settings

these girls have all that maturity possesses
tamed hair swept away from their faces
exposing long necks streching toward the future
they are clad in tight jeans these girls
tight jeans that draw the eye of grown men
wanting to act out fantasies on grown women in the cast of little girls
girls they can still shape and mold into their own images

these girls are bubble coats in red and black
doing jiggly leg dances in the rhythm of the impatience they feel
these girls' eyes dart back and forth scanning the world
for that which they are afraid of and those who fear them

smelling of cocoa butter and vanilla
these girls move through underground tunnels into bright lights and big cities
bigger dreams and bigger problems

these girls have expressed their anger in loud profane words
that should singe their tongues when they leave their lips
but their lives have caused the foul language to take root and grow
spilling forth in tirades that little girls should never own

these girls are beautiful in all their glory
flushed skin
blushed cheeks
these girls exit the train
out into the future...

Three Girls On The Subway by Athena

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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