Can I Talk To You

by Athena

Can I talk to you
With fingertips on awakening skin
Lips on pulses of mornings I wake to watch you sleep
And suppress the urges to wake you to tell you how beautiful you are
Talk to you about what lies in your slumber to make you look so peaceful
And serene
So perfect for me

…of why you are comforting drum beats inside my chest and melodies in my ears
I sing you when I speak of you
You are my favorite song
My favorite harmony to carry me through my day and into my forever
Can I whisper my intentions to you during midnight conversations
Let you feel them as I hold your hand
Covet your heart

…whisper to you bittersweet realities instead of sweet nothings 
so that you know you make the anythings sweeter
can I erase everything before me
so I am not a comparison but rather the only one

…one with you
can I talk to you?
Reach out and touch you to make sure you are real
Not some apparition I’ve conjured up to remind me what I’ve been waiting for

Can I speak to you in more than just languages
Native tongues
But rather communicate with gazes
And energies
And me…
Can I talk to you….

Can I Talk To You by Athena

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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