Time, Will It Change?

by Amina Asha

Times change
People change
But vanity and pride still exist in this world
People moving so fast makes my stomach curl
Consumed by chaos
Consumed by gilt
Consumed by grief
From the envious world of filth
Uncontrollable urges filled with greed and lust
The streets are congested with hurrying greedy souls
You ask yourself “ Who can you trust”
Freedom is tested by the burden of hardship
Ears lingerin’ towards gossip and misfortune
And the enemy, he preys with his pockets full of rifles
Wounded hearts are crying
Hold up… Can you hear them?
Welfare stagnates the hungering hands of women
Ump, miserable creatures
Darkened by the minds of unhappiness
And the conscious souls strives to teach the blind not to walk
The path of misery
But instead dwell in eternity
And that’s the way it is…with a beginning
After so much pain
We failed to look for hope
And so our hearts lingered in despair
So the in the mist of this confusion
A veil covered our eyes, our souls, and our faces
And we never understood the meaning of life
Time… when will it change

Time, Will It Change? by Amina Asha

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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