The Life We Live

by Amina 3x

Pressing problems rise in the height of fame and glory
Ripping you away from that ultimate rush of it's all about "ME"
No sunshine inside the storm we carry our selves through 
Just deep thoughts overshadowed by ignorance
or impulses we say we cant control
It's like a drag race, up against life
Pushing your foot on the gas, with out the thought of a seat belt 
Your Ass is dead, and the life passed us by 
We now point the finger to the preacher
and realize that life itself does not exist
in some clouds over looking the universe in some fairy tale we call heaven
But in fact decayed away in a mahogany rainbow
Blowing in the direction of our rotting corpse
And soon fade away like the blowing incense
Immature in our behavior we press the issue of our secrete hideouts,
a place where no one can enter,
spiritual solitude secluded from the thought of living in the life we live.
Trails may come and go but those are the challenges
that strengthen us as the day goes by.
it's only up to us to survive this ride
Not once, not twice, or even three times
But a life time baby
A life time>>>>>>>>

The Life We Live by Amina 3x

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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