A Moment of Silence

by Amina Asha

In a moment of silence
the world seemed whole again
roller skates rollin' down hills
Basketball thrown into hoops
Momma gettin' her nails done
And daddy. he workin' on everybody's car but his...
Seems like I woke up and saw how life is suppose to be
Calm, awaken thoughts movin' in time
I was fashioned by this memory of silence
to be whole and complete...
why can't everyone see this and surrender to life?
But as my thoughts shift
I see rattles of wheels,
cities has turned into battlefields
the rich exploit and tyrannize the poor
And those Jehovah wittenesses knockin' at the dam door
just to get rejected,
How cruel life is
to be placed at deaths feet...
My thoughts are blurry from slavery,
runnin' in modern streets
A treasure of my ancestor's bravery...
I hold deep within my chest
Like a nest...I weave my mind through there pain
Ashes to ashes their strength I gain
Terrorist on the streets using Gods name in vain
Our brothers being slain
scattered across the world to fight for game
what a fuckin' shame
Who's to blame?
those who love death
In a moment of silence
I ketch my breath...and look around at what's left
A memory on knowledge and understanding
of life's passion and pain...
Prove me wrong...Do you feel the same?
feel the madness rattle your brain
now close your eyes..like a child...run in the rain
In a moment of silence
we can break the chain...

A Moment of Silence by Amina Asha

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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