The Original People

by Amina Asha

Things are not the same as they use to be
black skinned
lost sight of self
stolen from our country
sold for wealth
beyond bigotry
had our own history
black skinned were always there for one another
we held on...
despite the chains
our dignity remained
beyond slave ships and whips
black skinned
were mentally equipped
gave birth to diamonds
impregnated oils
grew our own crops
from the richest soils
black skinned
lived to see Allah
we prayed around the clock
today.... were in state of shock
our minds are blocked
black skinned
from a common thief
no education, no mental stimulation
just grief
The sun is shinning bright
calling for
black skinned
to take our place, and stop living in denial
cause we
black skinned are still on profile
we need to destroy the hate within
and start living like jewels
take our place in this land and rule....
The true owners of the earth
all races across the universe
black skinned gave birth
from rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes
when we the black skinned
come together
we make the world shake
Now, we sit ashamed
an allergic reaction to righteousness
when will we recover from brain damage
and stop running around like savages
black skinned...

The Original People by Amina Asha

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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